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How is GroupGets different from other crowd purchasing or group buy platforms?

Modified on: Wed, 26 Jan, 2022 at 3:34 PM

  1. GroupGets doesn't require your product to be 100% open source.
  2. We don't require that your product be electronic but electronics are most common.
  3. GroupGets doesn't try to sell your product post-campaign without telling or paying you. 
  4. You don't pay us anything unless your campaign funds.
  5. Our platform fee includes payment processing fees and is mainly for developers who need help vetting and testing their designs as well as international fulfillment. Since GroupGets is made up of mostly actual electrical and computer engineers who have designed and built products at scale, not just web developers, we typically get hands-on with prototypes that need help. If your product is good to go and you will manage all aspects of build and test, then we can reduce our fee. If you have a proven track record of shipping internationally, we can also let you fulfill and further reduce our fee. 
  6. We can potentially get your electronic product sold on Digi-Key or Farnell (but not both) and in our own store post campaign.

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