How can I improve the appearance of my campaigns?

All of the text fields above can use “Markdown” to enhance your campaigns appearance, here is a handy markdown cheat-sheet. It is simple to use and can make your campaign look very presentable.

What are some good campaign examples?

A good way to get ideas about how to make your campaign awesome is to check the existing campaigns on GroupGets. The FLIR Lepton Thermal Imager is one of GroupGets best selling campaigns, so if you need some ideas on what is needed to help make your campaign successful, please check that one out. One important take-away from that campaign is that its purpose was to get people access to a cutting-edge sensor that was only sold initially in $200,000.00 minimum quantities. We then took that concept one step further by designing an accessory component to make it easier to use once obtained.

What happens when my campaign meets its funding goal?

Soon after the campaign is closed due to a successful funding event, we will charge the backers who have presumably given us valid credit cards or ACH payment information. We then make the order for the target item with the vendor. Depending on the campaign details, we will either receive the full quantity of the goods and distribute them to each backer ourselves, or the vendor may ship directly to users based on the address and quantity information that our system collects.

Normally a few cards will not work, and we will automatically notify those users and give them a few days to respond.

If it does not experience a large amount of refund requests, we will award you with a cash bonus of 1% of funded value. This offer does not apply to vendors selling their own goods though.

I have a great campaign idea but I don't have time to manage a campaign.

That’s OK. If we agree that it’s a great idea, we’ll start and manage the campaign for you and you will still get half of the normal cash bonus if it gets fully funded and you actually back it.

What makes GroupGets unique from other deals sites?

We make custom products and accessories to make products on our site more kick-ass. Check out our GetLab page to see the custom wizardry that we've made so far.