While we require a valid payment form to reserve your pledge to back a campaign, we don't bill you until the campaign target is reached. We then wait 5 days to let some last-minute backers get in and anyone with billing issues to sort them out. After those 5 days, the campaign closes and we send the funds directly to the manufacturer. A campaign's successful closure can occur before a set expiration date (if applicable) or even instantly so please be prepared to be billed at any time after you pledge. If a campaign does not successfully fund, we close the campaign and you are not billed for anything. GroupGets are intended only for vetted products that are known to exist and function as intended so if you do get billed, you will get a product.

Please note that successful campaigns are usually re-launched soon after they close so if you just missed backing a funded campaign, please come back to the site after a day or two to see if a new round is posted. We also stock some of the products that have done multiple successful rounds in our online store in case you can't wait for the better GroupGet price.